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>> even if we have a busy schedule we could take time to enjoy and appreciate all of god's gifts. >>reporter: the word to the young girl. voice silenced much a too soon. friends
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family say goodbye to 2 victims of the san bruno fire storm. >> good evening. it was clear from tonight's vigil that the mom and mother were very well love. a lot of people turned out to pay their respects. more on that now from amy who is live in san francisco. amy what a touching night. >> they couldn't fit everyone in the church. family members and close residence say the turn out meant a lot to them. as soon as people arrived they were greeted with a could lamb of photo of the vibrant live of the 2 victims, jackie and her 13-year-old daughter vanessa a.she was an eighth grade student here at the catholic church this san francisco. she was the president of the student council and an honor student. friends say jackie lived for her 2 daughters and her husband. she was always very good friend. >> this is very difficult. my
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heart its very heavy rate now but with all the support of he friends and family, it is making a little bit easier. >> i think a lot are still in shock. i think a lot are feeling so painfully the loss of these loving, carrying vivacious, hopeful people but we are also coming closer together in love. >>reporter: we heard that over and over again tonight. that the support everyone is receiving has been incredible. these picture illustrate that. people were standing along the sudz of the kitchen. the balcony was full an overfle people could watch the service other than television screen. there were also san bruno firefighters here at the service. the vigil was touching. sweet at times. it was very, very sad. the funerals are scheduled for tomorrow and classes at the school have been cancelled so the students can attend. live in san francisco, abc 7 news.
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>> that wilhelmina lieutenant to the students. thanks very much amy. >> pg&e feeling enormous pressure ever since that tragedy. regulators want to know about potential safety threat and they are not getting the information that they need. agency admit that it has yet to fully inspect the high risk gas lanes running through city up and down the state. san francisco fire chef has seen a schematic of the pipe lane system but no map. pg&e says for security and safety reasons it will not give a map of its system to anyone including the governor, governor, state emergency management officials or local fire chiefs. local feds and california p uc may ask pg&e to sped up its inspection process. they say the public has a right to know that the risk and conditions of the pipeline infrastructure is being well monitored. >> pg&e secrecy about the high risk line is contributing to the high anxiety in san bruno. fear and uncertainty trigger emergency situation today at elementary school less than a mile from the fire zone. the
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school was evacuated then closed for the rest of the day. more on today aption tension from cecelia. >> gas pipeline. says right there. >>reporter: the signs are everywhere. underneath sullivan quiet san bruno street run pg&e gas lines. >> even is concerned about their homes. but to come home and have just a rubble unbelievable. >>reporter: lane near the home could be continuation of the same pipeline that exploded just down the hill. but really these neighbors may never know. they are living in the dark and on evenly you live right along the pipe. does that concern you. >> yes it does. >>reporter: this morning all it took for 2 mothers to smell gas and minutes late 2400 students were loaded on to bus and driven off campus. turn out to be a false alarm but firefighters still raced to the school. pg&e craw checked for leak. scared parents
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embrace their children. >> everybody wants to know where the big, the ones that cause the damage so i don't know. i'm just a fellow parent who is really scared right now. >>reporter: it's a fear driven by the horror this community witnessed. but also by what they do not know. where pg&e other high risk pipe lines lie and whether they run through their neighborhood or near their school. >> scary. really scary not to know what is going on and why pg&e won't say where the gas pipes are. >>reporter: pg&e still refuses to make the list of 100 high risk pipe lines public. >> transmission lines for security reasons we don't release those maps. >> now been a week to the day since flames consumed the neighborhood. while the cleanup goes on, the fear remains. all that anxiousness in the neighborhood is a sign of the long road ahead here at san bruno city hall the city council held an emergency meeting this afternoon to declare the fire a local emergency. that comes on top of a state of emergency already declared out of
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sacramento. all of this designed to bring more resources to the people who live here. reporting in san bruin oshtion abc 7 news. in san francisco on van ness avenue a gas leak scare forced authorities to evacuate gallon leo high school this afternoon. fortunately it turned out to be a false alarm and student were soon sent back to class. but a real gas leak in oakland has now been capped. it happened on east 18th near lake merit. employees of oakld bank covered their faces a they left work early this afternoon. police and fire evacuate the the metropolitan bank. several other business. and at least 2 apartment buildings after a work crew struck a 3 inch pg&e gas line. took them awhile to find the shut off valve because they were worried they would cut off too much gas service to necessary homes but finally got it under control. >> other news this evening. new claim tonight of racial profiling by police in san jose. in this case latino priest claims he was singled out unfairly. as we
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report, the priest was among many others who came together to tell similar stories. >>reporter: people told their stories of being stopped by san jose police. they say unnecessarily. they came to our lady of guadalupe can catholic church where result of racial profiling survey were released. it was done by a group called pack. people acting in community together. 35 percent of the nearly 2000 people surveyed said they had been stopped by an officer without cause among them this priest. he was stopped and surrounded by 4 police cars. >> one of them said stay in your car. he asked me for my license. i say why. you didn't use your blinker. >>reporter: there was no doubt he was a victim of rracial profiling. >> i think it was because, i m mean, i if if see myself in the mirror and look at your
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face. you hack like a gang mechbility you are latino. >>reporter: e.t. is with packet. >> when he told us the story said father, why didn't you tell him were you a pastor of a church and he said why should i have to? >>reporter: police chief defended the department effort to stop racial profiling. >> in all the policy and procedures we put into place are geared so that it doesn't happen so what we are really seeing here what i am reading a lot in the survey is the perception again versus reality. not suggesting that it can't happen. but the question is how do we measure that. >>reporter: but survey like these are useful according to flt city independent police auditor. >> survey are very significant because if your perception are more positive toward the police your behavior change accordingly. you tend to go report. when you see gang activity you are not hesitant to do it. >>reporter: chef davis is expected to leave office at the he said of ochblingt this community now hopes the obingt city will higher someone who has taken on the issue of racial profiling before. >> i think the police chief
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needs to be able to understand the needs of poor community of color. >>reporter: nationwide search is under way. in san jose, abc 7 news. california highway patrol is defend the action in the aftermath of crash that killed 2 men in san jose early today. chp says the officers had pulled over this ford explorer because it didn't have a front license plate but the driver took off once the officers got out of their car. it was never hot chase police say. 2 passengers in the back seat of the explorer were killed. third man was hurt. 19-year-old driver jose antonio hernandez faces charges including vehicular manslaughter and felony dui. >> concord police say officers shot a man after he point add toy gun at them police spot add man matching the description of robbery suspect walking along clayton road at 2:30 this morning when he pulled out a gun officers shot
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him. afterwards police discovered that the weapon was a fake but as you can see it was convincing. police say the man is 25-year-old brian ground white wanted for armed robbery in san jose and he's hospitalized in critical but stable condition. digging deeper. as 7 news at 9 continue this is thursday september 16th from one side of the bay to the other. tips of thousands of workers are being asked to start paying more into their retirement funds. >> governor schwarzenegger and the legislature are on the brink of breaking the record of the latest state budget ever. i'm in sacramento you will hear heart breaking stories from people who really need their state funding. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. lace warm-up continues and weekend rain coming our way and fall right around the corner. all in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> also tonight. rash of raccoon attack on people and their pets. precaution that resident should
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this iyour captain speaking, we are fourteenth inline . beep, be, beep. looks like its bumper bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! should have skipped that second soda. removeour belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonderhat gas costs today. seven dollars for a pill! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! (tin child) the train is now arriving. (announcer) the train has rived indeed. amtrack. enjoy the journey. but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take er the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid f. they never worked. fact: brown promised o cut crime. but mders doubled,
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making oakld the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now. he just can't deliver the results >> state lawmakers are distinguishing themselves not but not terribly flattering. new record. 78 days without a budget in place. as we report from sacramento, this is
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hurting people who are depending on them. >> this is just one more blow. >> social worker is one of the latest casualties of no state bump it. oakland resident just got a layoff notice. at the he said of the month she can no longer help welfare mom find jobs. >> i'm most worried about my monthly pwichlts rent. i have children. so i have a family. i'm not just providing for myself. >> it is day 78 of the impasse. the with no compromise in sight this year will be the latest the legislature will have gone without approving a budget. break old record of september 16. senate president stip berg feels the pressure. >> people have every right to be upset about it. and i know i'm a participant and part of it. i can only say to you that i'm frustrated, frustrated, embarrassed and hopefully of the next day or 2 will actually get this thing locked up. >>reporter: the state has already missed more than 3 billion dollars in payments since july 1st. among the
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impact at least 25 child care centers have closed. 800 community health clinic are unfunded. 5 40 million dollars in cal grant not disbursed to college students. and the state missed 80 million dollars in office space rent payments. with the credit market still tight and savings dwindling places the poor rely on are barely hanging on. here at robertson adult health day care the state owes it 120,000 dollars. >> state doesn't pass a budget the next few days, i don't see how i can keep it open. bank accounts are overdrawn. all the time. it is frustrating. comes a point where you say okay. enough is enough. >> if the budget passed then get it passed fairly and get it done soon. >>reporter: now that governor schwarzenegger is back from asia negotiations will likely pick up. the state though will probably let another 3 billion dollars in bills lapse this month. in sacramento, abc 7 news. raccoon on the prowl in
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alameda. bites. scratches. surprising level of aggression reported in at least half dozen attack. one control officer said it has never been like this in his 20 years on the job. here's a map where the attacks have been taking place since june. most people people out walking their dog. experts are blaming bird feeders, outside pet bowl and open garbage cans for drawing the raccoon. anyone confronted by them is advised to take a water hose and spray the animal. him if carry a walking strip. >> experts try to figure out how a whale got impaled on the bow of a cargo ship. strange uncomfortable image but the coast guard says the about ship ended up carrying the carcass all the way to the port of oakland. coast guard says the whale may have been dead when it was hit and that it apparently had shark bites on it. whale dna being examined now to determine what species it is. odd picture isn't it.
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>> very odd. thanks. >> spencer is here. we have the late in the summer warm-up to talk by. it has been warming the last 3 days in a row now. today it felt like east coast warmth. muggy. by bay area standard for sure. live view of the muggy conditions outside. live view from the roof top camera at abc 7 looking back at the downtown san francisco sky lane you can see evidence of the low cloud and fog that has moved in and continue to move in tonight and here's look at the current temperature readings even now pretty mild across the bay area. 73 in antioch. 70 in con cord. we have mid 60's even around the bay of 65 over to oakland right now. 60 at san francisco. relatively cool spot half man bay with current reading of 59 degrees. coastal drizzle tomorrow morning. mild afternoon ahead of friday and sat and rain moves in on sunday as temperatures cool down a bit. here's our pacific satellite image showing this relatively weak disturbance moving very slowly in our direction but it
9:18 pm
is going to get here over the weaned and will probably pru a little rainfall for us on sunday. start our forecast animation tomorrow morning at 5:00 o'clock and see at drizzle there. that will fade away giving way to mainly sunny skies tomorrow. saturday a few low clouds p.m. back to the coast in the morning hours and giving us assign mild afternoon. continue animation and early subpoenaed morning see the frontal system start to push down to the north bay and should be rainfall arriving in the northern most part of our viewing area 5:00 o'clock sunday morning and later in the day the front pushing farther inland and weaken fall apart and pushing through and produce the rainfall with a partly wet weekend. meanwhile back to overnight conditions here. mention agent bit of drizzle. mainly near the coast line. see extensive low cloud and fog pushing overnight. low pressure won't drop very low in. it will be mild. low mainly in the upper 50's. in fact oakland low only 60 degrees. not very low at all. tomorrow another mild to warm day in the south bay look for high pressure around 78 at san jose. 78 at
9:19 pm
campbell. 79 in los gatos. pen la we see mid to upper 70's. 76 at red wad city. 77 at palo alto and mid 60's on the coast. half machine bay anyhow. 64 degrees there. lower 60's in pacifica. high of 62. excuse me. around san francisco lack for high of 67 degrees downtown. 63 in the sun set district. north bay nice warming there. 76 at sonoma. 80 at calistoga. 83 at clover dale. in the nearest bay high range from upper 60's at berkeley to mid 70's castro valley, union city and 43 mont and over the hills into the inland valley we see upper 70's to low 80's. high of 82 in fairfield and near monterey bay 68 at monterey. 74 santa cruz. low 80's inland. now here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. warming continues through saturday. then we cool down on sunday with the arrival of some light rain. not talking about drenching rains but periods of rain. push through the bay area an temperatures start to bounce back on monday
9:20 pm
and tuesday then wednesday it will be nice and warm for the arrival of fall. gets even warmer on thursday. second day of fawchlt. >> a little strange for rain but we do get rain. >> light rain on average in september. couple days of rainfall. not very heavy and won't damp the grape harvest. one of my primary interest. so it is not a common occurrence but not terribly unusual. >> this is our 2 days. thank you very much. >> as we continue tonight. plea deal for man confessing to threatening house speaker nancy pelosi. >> does michelle obama hate being first lady? white house responds to accusations in a new book. gentleman who could forget the rogue wave at this year mavericks. tonight extreme weather leading to extreme ♪
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>> san francisco man pleaded guilty today to threatening house speaker nancy pelosi and her family. gregory juicey admitted he repeatedly phoned pelosi over health care legislation telling her if she voted for president obama reform package she would quote not have a home to come back to. under a plea deal he will be sentenced in december to 21 month ins prison. white house is denying reports that first lady michelle obama described her life in the white house as hell. book come out friday about the french first lady claims that carla recalled mrs mrs. obama statement while welcoming the couple to the white house. the precise quote attributed to mrs. obama is quote it is hell. i can't stand it. the french embassy in washington top also denies the account saying the french first lady distances herself completely from the book. completely from the book. carla and the ambitious
9:25 pm
>>. >> viva mexico. >> mexico is celebrating the country 200 anniversary of independence from spain. the 40 million dollar fiesta took 2 years to plan. several neighboring heads of state are attending this bicentennial celebration representing the united states. u.s. labor secretary. >> when we continues here tonight former san francisco mayor now trying to undue the pension system he helped create. >> also. restoration of northern california water shed. >> this project is an opportunity for everybody involved to accomplish something that really does matter. >> coming. energy sacrifice being made to save salmon run. stay here with us. another stay here with us. another half hour of news
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?o?oxw?w?oó gee question again. thanks for being here. tonight a growing rift in democratic circles over who is backing a controversial pension reform measure in san francisco. former mayor willie brown long known as friend of labor crossed a picket line today to support the measure which is bitterly opposed by the city union employees. the story from political reporter mark matthews. >>reporter: if you lack quickly between the protestors you can catch former mayor brown ducking between them to get inside the hotel this afternoon. one of the members of the local union captured his image on her cell phone and public defender jeff
9:30 pm
pushing the effort to amend the city pension program. he declined to talk with us at the fundraising luncheon but head of san francisco police officer yawn was more than happy to criticize the proposal. >> this is about health care. much more than pension reform. >>reporter: gaev gary says proposal would cut into health care benefits and requiring work investigators contribute 9 to continue percent of the salary towards their pension rather than the current 7 and half percent. >> the reason why i am doing this is because i don't want to see basic services like the public defenders office obliterated. >>reporter: last april he told them that the system is bankrupting the city. police union boss calls that pension tsunami a myth. >> that is projection of earnings that never happened in the history of the country expect in the past 2 years. >>reporter: brown says the city is hayed for trouble open
9:31 pm
a system that he help put in place. >> if we don't begin to address the issue intelligentl intelligently, there will not be anything except future. >>reporter: the bankrupt city of virginia la oh, he reported to commit the grand jury report and san francisco is the most will he be rall city in the state with the strongest union will be a bell weather for the rest of california. >> in this particular case if san francisco goes there it's an indication that pension reform is going to happen through the throughout the whole state. >>reporter: i asked the professor how would he rank a pension problem compared with everything else in california is nation. he says at league the next several years it is the biggest problem and he added voters have little sympathy for public pension plans that far exceed the 401(k) in the private plans. in the news ramp, 7 news. >> while on the subject of
9:32 pm
pension. university of california employees will have to start paying more into their retirement plans and people of this protest are not very happy about it. under the plan passed by the board of regent today employees pay 3 and a half percent of the pay starting next july and then 5 percent the year after that. they currently pay 2%. university will up the contribution to receive and then 10% during that same period. uc system is trying to meet a 12 billion dollar obligation to its pension about plans. >> environmental news. one of the largest water shed restoration project in the country is now upped way hear in northern california. ground breaken on the project this week along battle creek just outside of redding. it's a rare environmental success story where everyone seems to agree on what needs to happen. for nearly a century dam along battle creek have turned water into power. but they
9:33 pm
have also kept endangered salmon and threatened steel head from reaching prime breeding ground. >> this project has been in existence for many, many decades. and this uses spring fed water from volcano rock in the southern cascades to produce hydro-electric power. >>reporter: 5 dam along battle creek are being torn down or modified to make way for fish. it's ambitious project being headed up by the bureau of reclamation. the project manager says this in its entirety the restoration project will restore approximately 42 miles of hand at that time. along with about 6 miles of habitat on tributeary to battle creek. >>reporter: creek restoration comes after nearly a decade of wrangling how to restore habitat. demolition began in july. >> we have 3 dam site currently under construction and gearing up to start construction on a fourth site this. >>reporter: video from the bureau of reclamation shows
9:34 pm
the demolition of this dam in 1912. welcome site to community activity whoyingt pushed hard for restoration of the water shed. >> this project really is an opportunity for everybody invo involved, for the agencies, for of the people who live here to accomplish something that really does the matter. >>reporter: over all project is expected to cost almost 125 million dollars to complete. it includes the addition of fish ladders and screens at 2 other dams along the cichblingt one of the instant that the restoration project is happening is battle creek is a fairly pristine creek. >>reporter: many of the dam are in hartd to reach places. that's created challenges for contractors. >> highly inaccessible. only way to get to them is to walk to them down a rugged trail. >>reporter: this is a multi-agency project. state department of fish and game, game, california wild life conservation board, cal-trans, board, cal-trans, u.s. fish and wildlife service, and the brewer 0all teamed up with
9:35 pm
pg&e to get it going. >> it could be a win-win situation for everybody. at this point i believe it is. >> phenomenal accomplishment that it is present hard to characterize it any other way. >>reporter: this fish hatchery is the largest in the state. it's on the banks of battle creek near the sacramento river. young salmon raised here will need to make their which to the river, on to the delta and out to the pacific. everyone is hoping they will come back to battle creek to breed. >> we have to keep our fingers crossed with respect to the time line. probably take 10 years oh, determine how well the restoration project is going but there will be annual monitoring. >> changes to battle creek however don't come without consequence. when the state mandate utility to pru more green hour pg&e will be reducing the amount of energy proud. right now the dam proud enough power for 21,000 homes. after they are torn down battle creek will only
9:36 pm
generate energy for 15,000 homes. >> power that would have gone on the grid but the benefit is we can still have a viable hydro-electric project and the gain tremendous the benefit to salmon or steel head. >> project is to be completed by 2014. >> bay area will play a role in funding the project. environmental mitigation funtdz compared to san rafael and will good to restore battle creek. >> 100 foot tall waves kolt coming up next. how wall of water challenging water challenging surfer, sailor
9:37 pm
our state in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the stateapitol and move it down to the local level, cser to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republica or as democrats but as californians firs athis stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly tha
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it's a belief in everything wdo. it a 5 year, 50,000 mile promise. with complimentary scheduled maintenanc no-cost replacemenof wear and tear items and /7 roadside assistance. becauswhen you create the mosteautiful, fast cars on earth, you create an ownership experience to tch. 3q >> in the odyssey the sea god
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summon the fury of the ocean to terrorize the hero and his men. waves come out of nowhere wrecking ships and killing sailors. it is a story of another age. yet ocean gore today say the sea are brewing waves of mythical proportion an deadliness. here's bob. >> they are the giants of the ocean. deadly. hard to predict and maybe more common than you think. >> watch out. >>reporter: the crew of the deadliest catchen countary rogue wave in the middle of the night. but not just fishermen who suffer the wrat wrath. so do students on the popular school program situation mess ter at sea. and spectator get a shocking ride at maverick surfing competition. >> anybody else hurt? >> longest time nobody knew they were out there. >> never seen before. >> no. they hadn't been seen. they had been rumored to exist but nobody believed those stories. >>reporter: sues' an author and journalist covering
9:41 pm
surfing for years became fascinated with rogue waves. because she couldn't get over one little known fact. >> sometimes these ships don't even have time to accepted an s o s signal. pretty common. >> because the waves come so fast. >> suddenly beat. i tell people type sawyer are dead but big wave aren't. they are 80 or 100 feet and to be out in those waves is like being among the type sawyer. >>reporter: he's a big wave surfer who has tackled waves no one thought possible. hamilton believes susan is right. something is brewing. something new. >> last winter in hawaii it was as big a winter as we have ever seen. >>reporter: bigger storms. menegas bigger waves. some of the biggest as well as on record. >> i can say i have been wait ago few decades to have a winter like this. i have been out in waves bigger than 100 feet. >>reporter: how did you find those. >> in hawaii. they came to us. unpredicted by the way. unforecast.
9:42 pm
>>reporter: about first mate on 45 foot sailboat. testify made the 16th trip across the atlantic to bermuda. he knew he might encounter stormy weather but the forecast did not prepare him for hurricane force wind. >> one giant wave came crashing down on the boat and never saw it. never heard it. just happened. and it just engulfed the boat. it rolled the boat upside down. wave came over the boat. and flipped life raft upside down and me out of it and it was dead quiet. salute dead silence. i knew i was under water. >>reporter: lock was swept into the cauldron bopping up and down swell 30 feet and higher. both captain thomas was also swept overboard. he died at sea. in his arms. >> he just couldn't fight it. he injested an awful lot of water. and i couldn't i couldn't save him. >>reporter: did you then unclip him. >> no. no. i kept him with
9:43 pm
me. the rest of the time. i promised him that i would get him home and i had to do that. >>reporter: in truth scientist still don't understand what is causing such huge waves. all they really know is they happen in deep water with strong winds and flowing current. are they changing a lot because of global warming. >> well hotter water means expanded higher sea level. i think of it as this wait a minute everything in the ocean is rising right now. temperatures. sea level. tsunami risk. ocean are just more and more volatile all the time. >>reporter: this is nightline in new york. >> incredible isn't it. largely destructive wave expected from hurricane karl. now taking aim for the gulf coast of mexico. hurricane warning is in effect for 150 miles stretch of coast line in vera cruz. popular tourist destination in cancun many intersection are already flooded and resort beaches closed. karl is expected to
9:44 pm
strengthen more before hitting tomorrow. we get the latest on the storm from spencer christian coming up next. >> also as we continue on another matter. ben affleck guess to town coming up the actor stars as a professional bank rob intera grity new bank rob intera grity new crime thriller. don
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so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-far or go online. but what were the results? fact: brown promised to impro schools. but the drop out rate creased 50%, and the state had to take over the sools. ft: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut cre. but murders doued, making oakland the 4t most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. hjust can't deliver the results california needs now. >> possible tornado in new york city tonight. you can see the violent thunderstorm that may have spawned it. one person killed by a falling tree. at least 30,000 people are without power. one person says he saw as many as 8 roof tops simply torn off and blown
9:48 pm
away. come back home and focus on our weather. beautiful around here. spencer will talk about that and also this hurricane now in the gulf of mexico. >> we have a dangerous hurricane bearing down on mexico right now. but fairs quick recap of the high pressure today. almost muggy hear today. certainly warm. high in the low to mid 80's and most of our inland area. 70's right around the bay and 66 in half machine bay and see more warm weather tomorrow but right now take a lack at the tropical anti-particular with 3 hurricane. julia and egor in the south atlantic and we have hurricane karl in the gulf of mexico right now bearing down on the mexican gulf coast. it is a category 2 hurricane already with high sustained wind at 100 miles per hour. it's expected to further turn in category 3 before making land fall tomorrow afternoon right around vera cruz and even as it weaken and moves inland still a dangerous storm as it passes right over mexico city on saturday. it has potential to produce tremendous amount of flooding as the storms pack
9:49 pm
a lot of rainfall so we'll keep watching it for you. here's a look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. 2 more day of warm summer like weather within land high in the low 80's. even though we may have some morning drizzle tomorrow. then on sunday cool down bait and there will be rain fall passing through the bay area on sunday. rain starting up north and swiping south and east and next weekend it dries out and warms up for fall. >> here we go. >> thanks very much. >> entertainment news. ben affleck wears 3 hat in the new film the town in theater tomorrow. he's the star, director and the screen writer. so how successful was he with had tri-if he can.take here's arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez on the aisle. >> ben and 3 friend carry out well planned bank robbery. way of life. >> over 300 bank robbery in boston every year. most nrovl one square mile neighborhood of charles town.
9:50 pm
>>reporter: won't play well with tourist. the director keeps peeling away layers of his town in this fascinating study. take a hostage she want to know more about her and romance ensues. >> blindfolded me and drove me around then stopped and let me out. >> sorry. >> not your fault. >>reporter: she doesn't recognize his voice? john ham mad man relentless fbi map out to get them. area my of the hurt locker is the lasts cannon you just wait for him to erupt. and he does. they keep pushing the limit. affleck character know the road is a dead end looking for a way to break free. if he doesn't it will only lead eventually to the ultimate mayhem. >> i want you to know that you are going to die in federal prison. >>reporter: i have to give ben credit for the film.
9:51 pm
comes that his own as direct tovrment it is moody grity complex and filled with action chase seek we understand. he reminds me a bit of the young clint eastwood in front of and behind the camera. it's rated r.but i really lake it. i give the town 3 quarter of a bucket. this is abc 7 news and we'll see you on the aisle. pretty good. moody grity complex. >> you know me dan. if something will explode i'm buying a ticket. fch. >> your kind of film. >> that's me. cultured man. after back-to-back tp games i'm the sophisticated one here. giants bring out offense. speaking of offensive explosion. look who just might have moved into first place
9:52 pm
introducing the samsun fascinate powered by verizon. super amoled scrn. six-axis 3d gaming and access to thousands of free ps. all in o ultra-thin package. you want it, we got it. the saung fascinate.
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a. >> coming up at 11:00. mcdonald's and the mooring. we look at who is behind the controversial new ad already gone viral. >> the dating web site that will kick you out if you are
9:55 pm
too cute. that's ahead in one hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. larry is here. >> the pinatas of sports here i am. taking shots. 15 games left in the season and guess who just moved that first place. the giants. they struggle to score the past 2 night against the dodgers. hall out the heavy lumber for the serious finale. dodgers with the pinnata. tommy pump up for another night of dodger baby. about camera on him at worst possible moment. tied 1-one in the third. approximately huff crushed. 3 run homer. number 25 for him. 4-1 giant. next batter. in it goes. the slider and that is way out to left. the and jose now facing weaver that's gone. 3 homeers for san
9:56 pm
francisco. 8-2. career night and strike outcome um for sanchez. look at that. no. 11 and johnson no. 12. allow one earned run as giants crush la 10-2 and a half game lead on staying in the west. and turns out the only needed 2 nothing game and loop a single and score as the cardinals shut out the form easterly first place pad 4 nothing in the time. giants in first. there's a rat over this. there's an article and all the details. 49 ers problem. getting play and anonymous finger. >> san francisco the second
9:57 pm
time out. of the first half. >>reporter: 49 ers had repeated problems in play call in the opener in seattle. offensive coordinator jimmy ray had difficulty getting the plays called in time. yahoo article detailed commun issues among the niner coaches and mike is not happy about the anonymous leak. >> is there something that you have to say go say it. and say that you said it. but don't go say a bunch of stuff but don't tell him i said it. to me that's a rat. that's a coward. and a rat. if the rat is in the building, it will show in time. but i'm not going to go try to find it. it will show. >>reporter: yahoo article indicated some players had complained about ray in the off season. alex smith says that's news to him. >> not going to lie. i found the article pretty ridiculous. stuff i had absolutely no idea about. news to me that players were going to the coach this off season and had the issues. something i certainly have no idea about.
9:58 pm
i meet with him pretty of, ray moved down from the booth to the side lines to call play against the saints monday night. ray says the response -- responsibility to get the calls in properly falls on him. >> my 34th year in the national football league. i'm not flawless. i think i speak with good dix. i don't gash el anything. so whoever yahoo is maybe he should come call the plays. >>reporter: i talked with mr. yahoo today actually. that's jason cold who ran the story. he didn't write the article to make ray lack bad but stands by the stories. the 9 hers a dysfunctional situation in the coaching staff and needs to be addressed. all right. if you want to see the raiders home opener against the ram on sunday. buy a ticket. game not sold out so it is blacked out locally. raiders blacked out 7 times in 8 home games last year. they may go 8 for 8 this season. many sport video by the way the world needs to see. high school
9:59 pm
football highlights we love for you to up load them to us. you 7 pick the best healthy and show it saturday night on our after the game college football show. game 3. nba final. seattle look to close-out atlanta. 35 tv by 2 storm taking over and jackson unstoppable with 16 as the storm sweep the dream 87-84. dream very much alive with giants and fans probably come down to the final 3 games of the season. against the padres. so we may see the see saw ride. >> looks great tonight. >> thanks. >> great for high school football. >> absolutely. >> that is this edition of 7 news at 9:00. for all of us thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. hope to see you again in an h

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